Fight the Good Fight

If I’ve learned anything it’s that a service member’s fight doesn’t end when they return home from war or are even when they are discharged all together from active duty.  A battle still rages, on multiple fronts.  Most everyone is familiar with or at least heard of the PTSD battle and the coinciding battle for … Continue reading Fight the Good Fight


What Is Your Race?

What is your race?  No, I'm not talking about the daily rat race that we so easily get caught up in.  I'm talking about what race have you been called to run?  What were you placed here to accomplish/do?  No one is here by accident or happenstance.  You were created and born on purpose for … Continue reading What Is Your Race?


This week are sharing an article written by Susan Barrera previously posted at PTSD AND WIVES (by Susan Barrera) I will be writing about wives who are living with their husbands’ PTSD, but since we now have women in combat, I imagine this will also apply to their husbands. It has been my experience that many … Continue reading PTSD and WIVES

Take Care of Yourself

Is it just me or is it hard to believe February is already upon us?!?!?!?!  It seems as though each year passes more quickly than the previous.  The saying, “Time flies,” becomes truer a statement the older I get. If you’re also like me, the daily grind of life and responsibilities can become pretty weighty … Continue reading Take Care of Yourself


The Power of a Dream..... If you think about it, every major invention or revolutionary development started out as someone's dream/idea.  The first airplane and man having the ability to fly, man being able to travel by a means other than horse and the creation of the automobile.  The Wright Brothers and Henry Ford had … Continue reading THE POWER OF A DREAM


With the New Year well underway, I must say I’m full of hope for a fruitful, productive, joyful and exciting 2016.  My husband and I are especially looking forward to a door God has opened for us to be a part of a program to help veterans and their families, recover, reconnect, and discover how … Continue reading WHAT’S DOWN THE ROAD FOR 2016


It's so hard to believe 2016 is just a couple days away!  When I reflect back on 2015 it was so full to have gone so fast.  To be perfectly honest, not every moment of the past year brings back warm and fuzzy memories.  There were heart and gut wrenching moments that I wish I … Continue reading WHAT WILL YOUR NEW YEAR LOOK LIKE

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner.  Hard to believe it’s here again so quickly.  Seems like it arrives a little faster with each passing year.  When I was a child it seemed FOREVER before Christmas arrived, but now, I blink and it’s upon me again. Although I’ve always enjoyed Christmas, its significance and meaning to me … Continue reading Merry Christmas!


Step up..... That phrase kept rolling around in my thoughts and heart today.  It comes from watching the apathy of the world around me.  It saddens my heart to see the state our country is in these days.  We are governed by a President who seems to take ISIS and threats against Americans as seriously … Continue reading WAKE UP, STAND UP, STEP UP