Be Brave and Courageous

“Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.”   -Psalms 27:14 NLT

When I read this verse today, it brought to mind thoughts of soldiers under fire.  It was like a movie scene roll thru my head in which a group of soldiers were hemmed in and under fire from the enemy.  They are outnumbered and using everything they’ve got to defend their position from being overtaken, and prevent being captured or killed.  All the while they are waiting for help/reinforcements/the “Calvary” to arrive and rescue them/even the odds/provide them with the additional resources they need to overcome the enemy.

How many times do we feel like that in life?  How many times do you feel as though circumstances, situations, relationships, financial problems, insecurities, fears, and the list goes on and on, are about to overtake you?  Life can be overwhelming at times and we all need to be rescued by the Calvary so to speak.  However, many times we don’t have anyone that can help us…. I mean some people have a wonderful family and support system ready at a moment’s notice to supply and provide all the help one may need.  Yet others seemingly or literally have no one they can depend on to help in times of need.  Regardless of which category you fall into…  Some situations we find ourselves in can’t be solved or resolved by anything we or anyone else can do?

Some situations can’t be fixed by natural means…. they instead require a SUPERnatural solution.  When the doctor says the cancer has spread too far for treatment or surgery to help…. When that loved one has fallen into such deep depression he or she no longer wants to live… When that marriage looks hopeless and lost…. When you know God has called you on a mission trip, but there is not money in your account to cover the expenses… In those moments know that God is more than enough and is bigger than anything you face.  Thru Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, we are more than conquerors and can have victory in any situation.  Your provision is already there… Believe God, confess His Word and promises found in the Bible over your situation and watch God’s SUPER get all over your natural!!!

Never give up hope… God is faithful and his Word does not lie!