My Dear Valentine

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is known as the Love month.  The Valentine’s Day holiday roots originated in ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15th.  Pope Gelasius I converted the pagan festival into a Christian feast day circa 496, declaring February 14th the to be St. Valentine’s Day.   (Just a bit of history because I was curious and googled it!  Lol.  Thought I’d share the knowledge with ya).

I have a confession… Over the past few years I have come to detest and truthfully dread Valentine’s Day!  Honestly, I’d love a fast-forward button to press and skip over the entire holiday and all that goes with it as quickly as possible. Lol.  This year particularly I had professed my detest and near hatred for the “Hallmark Holiday” and all the hype of cards, packed dinner locations, and chocolate (well I’m always okay with dark chocolate holiday or not :). Like many others out there, I’ve loved and lost, with scars on my heart and psyche to prove it and that serve as a reminder of the pain each month when the lovely holiday rolls around again.  Although I am a true hopeless romantic at heart, honestly those scars and disappointments are the fuel for my dislike of the day.

However, this year, a dear friend of mine ministered a sermon at my church’s Women’s Meeting that made me recant my perspective and unclench my teeth when speaking or thinking of the day dedicated to loving and being loved.  To sum up her message, she brought forth that Jesus is our true “Valentine.”  No one will ever love us as much as our Savior, and His love for us is constant, unchanging, steady, constant, stable, steadfast, unvarying, permanently fixed, unselfish, unconditional, and not determined by anything we can say, do or not do.  Relationships with other imperfect people can be fickle, wavering, based upon performance and feelings rather than commitment or covenant.  But God’s love for us will never change. And there is nothing we can ever do to make God stop loving us or to undo the sacrifice Jesus Christ made because of His great love for us.

The reality of life is people will fail you and disappoint you.  Despite our best efforts, you and I will fail and disappoint the people in our lives.  BUT God will never fail or forsake us, and his love for us is unchanging and FOREVER.  His love is also the antidote and remedy that will completely heal any hurt, heartache or pain our hearts and/or psyche may have sustained.  So, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just any other day, know that God loves you and that love can make right any wrong, heal any hurt, and break any chain.

I encourage you, from this day forward, allow Valentine’s Day to serve as a reminder to you of the great love the Creator of the universe has for YOU.  Know that on Valentine’s Day and EVERY day, you are loved!!!

s/Faith Wells