Let It Go

Live Right Now……

Sometimes life, circumstances, challenges, tragedy and the emotions that result from all of the above can be overwhelming.  Many of us, in an attempt to keep moving forward, swallow or set aside the normal emotions and heartache that accompany hurtful things and keep pushing forward…keeping ignoring those things, trying to keep them sealed in a jar, set aside, ignoring them and not dealing with them until that jar gets so full it overflows and/or explodes causing us to have an emotional landmine type explosion or leaving us at a point we feel immobilized emotionally not knowing how we feel or finding ourselves stuck in one emotion…i.e. Anger, sadness or simply numb and not really feeling anything.  Being stuck in one emotion or being numb prevents you from living, much less being able to live and enjoy right now, where you are at this very moment.

So, how do you prevent ending up in the emotional dilemma I mentioned above?  You process and work thru those emotions.  Am I saying if you’re depressed, you stay there and just wallow in your circumstances?  NO!  I’m saying you face and acknowledge how you feel.  God gave us emotions and he expects us to use them, but not to be ruled by them.  Take all those emotions, all the pain, all the questions, all the hurt, all the confusion, ALL of whatever it is you’re feeling and FEEL it, then RELEASE it to God.  Take it all to God.  He already knows.  He knows what happened to cause you to feel the way you feel, he knows exactly how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.  You’re not going to offend or hurt him by being honest and taking all those emotions to him…. No matter how raw or ugly they are God loves you and isn’t going to turn away from you when you turn to him.  The Word tells us that he wants the weary and heavy laden to come to him.  He promises to give us peace and beauty, which means we can turn all those ashes from “dead” dreams, relationships, plans, etc. and pain over to him and trust he will lift that burden from us and give us peace, newness and joy.  Now will the circumstances or things that caused the hurt and burden suddenly be over or remedied or we will instantly have all the answers to our questions of why?  Probably NOT!  But that’s okay, because you can walk in the peace of God and be set free from burden even in the midst of trying circumstances.  Our circumstances do not dictate our peace and joy level.  The world doesn’t give that and the world can’t take it away.  God’s the author and finisher of our faith and he is also the provider of our peace and joy.

Jesus came to give us life & give it in abundance.  “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” -John 10:10 NLT. God wants us to have a satisfying, full, prosperous, happy life…. Not just someday in Heaven.  Jesus sacrifice has made a way for us to have that kind of life right NOW.  To live right now and enjoy every moment.  I encourage you to feel and face whatever has shattered or immobilized you emotionally, then let it go…turn it over to God.  Don’t pick it back up, but instead allow God to take those pieces and make a beautiful masterpiece from the chaos and pain, replacing it with his love, joy, peace and contentment.  I can hear someone say, “It’s not that simple” or “I can’t.”  My response to that is yes it is & yes you can….. It is that easy for God to remove our burden.  The hard part is letting go of it.  The greatest deception the enemy uses to keep people in bondage to their pain is that if we forgive or let it go then it makes the injustice okay or in some way we are condoning it.  LIES!!!!  It does NOT mean any such thing.  Truth is, you holding onto pain is like drinking poison and hoping the person that caused you pain dies!  Same thing with the emotional scars.  You let it go for YOU!

Let go today and start living right now!!!

s/Faith Wells