Change the World One Life at a Time

“I don’t know what your story is, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or what has been done to you.  But I do know from God’s Word that you are not here, in this place and this time, by accident.  As you give God your time, your gifts, your resources and talents, he will use them to have a critically important and eternal impact on this world.”  -Christine Caine  (an excerpt from the book “Unstoppable” by Christine Caine).

Think about that for a moment.  So many people have been beat up, broken and wounded by life circumstances that they lose hope and believe the lie that they are useless, don’t have purpose, and that their existence is of little or no importance/impact to those around them/the world. All lies from the enemy!!! You matter and what you do matters!!  You are never so damaged that the love of Jesus cannot restore and heal you.  Your life matters!!!  You have a purpose and critical role to play or you would’ve never been born.  Not everyone is called to be a preacher or a teacher, but everyone is called to do something and God has given you abilities and talents to use where he has placed you for such a time as this.

There are countless soldiers and warriors returning home from war with scars, whether physical or emotional, that leave them feeling displaced, confused, despondent, and dejected, believing their sense of purpose has ended with their military career/service.  The truth is their ability to impact the world and those around them has just begun.  When the chapter of military service closes, the next chapter of life begins.  All their military experiences, good and bad, give them a perspective that few others are privy to, enabling them help those that others cannot reach and to carry out assignments that others could not handle.  I believe an understanding of the truth that they not only still have purpose, but that it’s equal to or greater than that of their military service is a revelation that can expedite the healing of their own broken souls.

I can hear someone say, “How can I help anyone?”  “I couldn’t help my buddies in war and can’t even help myself right now, what can I do?”  “My life is a wreck, how am I gonna help anyone else?”  “How does what I do matter or make a difference?”  The key and first pivotal step to understand is that you need Jesus.  Jesus is the answer and remedy.  It’s by and thru him that you, your life, your soul is healed and restored.  Then by him living in and thru you, you’re able to positively impact those around you and the world.  Me, you, your pastor, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, whoever are all dependent on Jesus for the love, wisdom, ability, and strength to do and be what God’s called us to.  Bring everything you have (the good, bad, ugly, broken pieces) to Jesus and watch him transform it all into something beautiful and new, that will not only bless and benefit you, but will be a catalyst to springboard you into your calling to help those around you…. Changing the world one life at a time.